Jay Leno's Mercedes-Benz 600

This fall I had the good fortune to visit Jay Leno's Garage. The Pantera I drew for my site was based on one in Jay's collection so I sent him a print. A couple of weeks later I got a pleasant surprise: Jay himself calling to say thanks. After a quick chat he invited me to stop by the garage, if I was in the neighborhood. So cool! So on our way down to Southern California for Thanksgiving, we went. The place was glorious and Jay was really nice. 

Of all the cars there, this was the one I was most excited to see, a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 600. The 600 was Mercedes's cost-is-no-object sedan. It had hydraulically operated power windows and seats, an hydraulic-air suspension, and a hefty 6.3-liter engine. It was a luxurious, hand-made, indestructible tank launched in 1963 to the tune of $20,000 (about $154,400 today). It was the best car in the world. 

Travel along as Jay takes you for a ride in his. 

PS Here's an interesting Car and Driver article listing ten things you may or may not know about the 600. 

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