In my experience, finding quality automotive art to wear or display has been tricky. Often t-shirts are cheap and cheesy. And automotive wall art is often represented either in a loose, painterly style or, on the other end of the spectrum, as highly-rendered illustrations that slavishly mimic photographs. Finding clean, modern automotive art with style and character is rare indeed. 

Making that kind of art is just what I set out to do.

In 2015, after 15 years of working under the moniker L-Dopa as an illustrator for magazines including Wired, Fortune, Bloomberg, Travel + Leisure, among many others, I turned my experience and skill toward my childhood love: cars.

With my German background, degree in industrial design, and the help of those 20+ years in design and illustration, I work to create drawings that are clean, crisp, modern, and of course, beautiful. I like to create art that looks illustrated. Up close you can see the blocks of color in my drawings. Step away and the drawing gels into crisp, sharp cars. The fun is getting that balance between abstraction and representation just right.

Whether you'd like a limited-edition print for a wall or a stylish t-shirt for your wardrobe, I hope you'll enjoy my work as much as I enjoy drawing them.

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Here are some of the places my automotive illustration work has appeared: