Cooper S Print

$ 48.00

  • Vivid, acid-free, archival, automotive art print
  • Available in 24" x 18", 36"x24" and 18"x12" sizes

About the car

The original Mini was manufactured from 1959 to 2000 in largely its original guise. Among the reasons for its phenomenal, 41-year production run was its remarkable, space-saving layout. A longitudinally mounted, 4-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, and a compact, rubber-cone suspension system, meant that an incredible 80% of the floorpan was available for passenger use.

Right away the Mini established itself as a breakthrough production car. It soon emerged as a breakthrough sports car as well. In 1961 the British Motor Corporation released the Mini Cooper, a version modified and tuned for performance by race car designer and builder John Cooper. By 1963 the Mini's engine displacement had been expanded 50% beyond its original spec (from 848 cc to 1,275 cc) to produce the Mini Cooper S. It was this signature model that out-gunned and out-maneuvered the much more powerful competition in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, a feat it pulled off three more years on the trot.

Such giant-killing performance in such a small, humble, inexpensive package, made the Mini Cooper S a legend that’s still highly regarded to this day.  

About the print

Each print is a piece of automotive art featuring iconic, 20th-century cars, from the golden age of automobile design of the '50s, '60s, and '70s through to the '80s and '90s, rendered in a crisp, modern, vector illustration.

They are printed on heavyweight, 10-mil, acid-free stock with vivid, crisp, high-dynamic-range, archival inks. Framed, these prints will remain fade-free for up to 200 years. These are much more than just a poster. 

They’re for sale here and designed to look fantastic in your home, office, or garage.